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2 hoursmention vleeHEADmasterkwg
9 hours(no commit message)nchery
9 hours(no commit message)nchery
22 hoursWhosWho: add Christian GmeinerEric Engestrom
23 hoursWhosWho: add Tobias JakobiEric Engestrom
2017-09-27WhosWho: remove "antispam" string from my email addressEric Engestrom
2017-09-27WhosWho: add zachrEric Engestrom
2017-09-24(no commit message)robertfoss
2017-09-24Added location/tz of robertfossrobertfoss
2017-09-13(no commit message)apuentes
2017-09-13(no commit message)apuentes
2017-09-11(no commit message)itoral
2017-09-11(no commit message)elima
2017-09-08(no commit message)apinheiro
2017-09-08(no commit message)apinheiro
2017-09-08(no commit message)samuelig
2017-09-08(no commit message)apinheiro
2017-09-08update my details and add some of my teammateskwg
2017-09-08WhosWho: adding Rob Clark's location and timezoneEric Engestrom
2017-09-08Added details for Andres Gomeztanty
2017-09-08Added hwentlan.bnieuwenhuizen
2017-09-08WhosWho: add Feral's Edwin SmithEric Engestrom
2017-09-07Add bnieuwenhuizen details.bnieuwenhuizen
2017-09-07WhosWho: add Liviu DudauEric Engestrom
2017-09-07(no commit message)AdamJackson
2017-09-07(no commit message)MichelDaenzer
2017-09-07IRC: add mention of #dri-devel and link to WhosWhoEric Engestrom
2017-09-07WhosWho: add a bunch of people's IRC nickEric Engestrom
2017-09-06WhosWho: add myselfEric Engestrom
2017-01-16(no commit message)mareko
2016-12-01Patchwork: Update linksJordan Justen
2016-11-02Add description of sin, cos not handling large inputsmattst88
2016-10-06Delete KHR_debug-for-ES from NewbieProjectsKenneth Graunke
2016-08-09Move /VC4PerformanceDebugging to a nicer wiki.EricAnholt
2016-08-09Move /VC4 to a nicer wiki.EricAnholt
2016-07-20We can describe xfree86 in the past tense nowAdam Jackson
2016-07-20Make the GLcore page a bit more informative and less wrongAdam Jackson
2016-06-09I965Fp64: Update i965 FP64 statusJordan Justen
2016-05-31fix kernelversion and zinstall/modules_install/dtbs_install instructionsEricAnholt
2016-05-20update kernel build instructionsEricAnholt
2016-05-20(no commit message)EricAnholt
2016-05-05(no commit message)samuelig
2016-05-04(no commit message)samuelig
2016-05-03(no commit message)curro
2016-05-03I965Fp64: Link to curro's replacement patchJordan Justen
2016-05-03I965Fp64: Add i965-fp64-scalar-backend-part-2 branchJordan Justen
2016-05-03I965Fp64: Ken asked Igalia to fix patch 56 now, not as follow up workJordan Justen
2016-05-03I965Fp64: Add test regressionsJordan Justen
2016-05-03(no commit message)samuelig
2016-05-03(no commit message)samuelig