AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-29Adding 920M as GK208HEADmasterpmoreau
2017-11-04Add GeForce GT 610 (rebranded GeForce GT 520) as GF119pmoreau
2017-08-24(no commit message)mwk
2017-08-24(no commit message)mwk
2017-07-31add nv130, for now all TODOtobijk
2017-07-31add nv130 due to user feedbacktobijk
2017-07-05Remove link to NVIDIA blogpost from the DRI sectionpmoreau
2017-07-05Add links about how the pipeline is mapped to the hardwarepmoreau
2017-06-23Add 940MX as GM108pmoreau
2017-05-06remove old news, covered in XDC slidesimirkin
2017-04-29(no commit message)mperes
2017-04-29(no commit message)mperes
2017-04-27(no commit message)mperes
2017-04-18fix yearimirkin
2017-04-18(no commit message)karolherbst
2017-04-18remove outdated ways to retrieve itkarolherbst
2017-04-09update for pascal statusimirkin
2017-04-09remove version number column on home pageimirkin
2017-04-07Add the Titan Xp and the 1080 Tipmoreau
2017-02-15remove very old links, add a link that has all opensuse versionsfaure
2017-01-27Bump version numbers for Linux, Mesa, and libdrmpmoreau
2016-12-30update current status to reflect maxwell/pascal situation.imirkin
2016-12-15note about improved reclockingimirkin
2016-11-30(no commit message)mperes
2016-11-29Do not claim acceleration support on Pascal and beyondpmoreau
2016-11-29Bump Mesa and libdrm version numberspmoreau
2016-11-08add why/how use perf countershakzsam
2016-11-08add a little description about perf countershakzsam
2016-11-08update SM20/SM21 statushakzsam
2016-11-08major cleanupshakzsam
2016-11-08fix metric-warp_nonpred_execution_efficiencyhakzsam
2016-11-08update metrics for SM50hakzsam
2016-11-08add new metric-warp_nonpred_execution_efficiency on SM35+hakzsam
2016-11-08mark metric-warp_execution_efficiency as done on SM30+hakzsam
2016-11-08mark sm_cta_launched as DONE on SM30 (it returns the expected value)hakzsam
2016-11-01mark issue_slots as DONE on SM35hakzsam
2016-10-31mark sm_cta_launched as DOME on SM35hakzsam
2016-10-31update metrics table statushakzsam
2016-10-30add SM50hakzsam
2016-10-30add new events found with SM50hakzsam
2016-10-29update status for SM35 perf counters (DONE since a while)hakzsam
2016-10-28(no commit message)karolherbst
2016-10-27Update status of tess on Maxwell (part of mesa 13)hakzsam
2016-10-26update comments in xorg.conf snippet to be more clearimirkin
2016-10-18Add Maxwell and Pascal requests for Samuelpmoreau
2016-10-18Remove myself from the listpmoreau
2016-10-18Remove MMIOtraces request, add link to test images and some typo fixingpmoreau
2016-10-18add 1050, 1050 Ti as GP107imirkin
2016-10-17add mention of netbsd with link to new wiki pageimirkin
2016-10-17(no commit message)imirkin