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14 daysAdding 920M as GK208HEADmasterpmoreau
2017-11-04Add GeForce GT 610 (rebranded GeForce GT 520) as GF119pmoreau
2017-06-23Add 940MX as GM108pmoreau
2017-04-29(no commit message)mperes
2017-04-29(no commit message)mperes
2017-04-07Add the Titan Xp and the 1080 Tipmoreau
2016-10-18add 1050, 1050 Ti as GP107imirkin
2016-09-29Add Pascal Titan Xpmoreau
2016-09-29Fix the name of the Maxwell Titan X cardpmoreau
2016-07-21add pascal in the "General code names" tablehakzsam
2016-07-12add pascal chipshakzsam
2016-01-17add titan zimirkin
2015-12-29update header linksimirkin
2015-10-30Add family name in parentheses in detailed view for NV04-NV50pmoreau
2015-09-24Add NV120 chipset (Titan X)hakzsam
2015-08-20add gtx950imirkin
2015-07-01Add NV12B (Tegra X1)hakzsam
2015-04-27add some maxwell chipsets and marketing namesimirkin
2015-02-14Rename NVA0 from G200 to GT200 to match Nvidia namingpmoreau
2015-01-29add Geforce 860M (noted in irc)tobijk
2015-01-22add Geforce GTX 960tobijk
2014-12-31we're calling the chip G200 everywhere, remove Timirkin
2014-12-13Add 8600 GTS to G84pmoreau
2014-11-19add some nv18 mobile chipsimirkin
2014-11-18add nv106imirkin
2014-09-25add gm204imirkin
2014-08-14(no commit message)mperes
2014-06-19add nvea/tk1imirkin
2014-06-19mark GT 740 as GK107imirkin
2014-02-20add maxwellimirkin
2014-02-15Use proper Cxx/MCPxx naming.mwk
2014-01-01(no commit message)imirkin
2014-01-01add nvf1imirkin
2013-12-09link chipset families to the relevant tablesimirkin
2013-12-09Add note about finding your current chipset.imirkin
2013-11-30a few more kepler updates based on the latest pci ids.imirkin
2013-11-30fix nve7 gt/gtx splitimirkin
2013-11-30update codenames with new cardsimirkin
2013-08-24switch back to the old centering scheme for the translate element, the new on...Ilia Mirkin
2013-08-24Add translation widget to every page (except the nouveau companions)Ilia Mirkin
2013-08-22Add cards to the GK208 familymperes
2013-07-21warn that some 7xx series can be of the fermi familymperes
2013-07-17titan is part of the kepler family, add the nv108mperes
2013-07-17some updates on the titan familymperes
2013-07-17add the GTX 780 to the titan familymperes
2013-07-17move titan to another familymperes
2013-07-17add the nve6 chipsetmperes
2013-06-16(no commit message)mlankhorst
2013-05-18(no commit message)ahuillet