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2017-07-31add nv130 due to user feedbacktobijk
2016-10-27Update status of tess on Maxwell (part of mesa 13)hakzsam
2016-09-29Change name for the compute row and update the current statuspmoreau
2015-10-24Updating OpenCL on NV50 to WIPpmoreau
2015-08-14flip maxwell tess back to wipimirkin
2015-07-30mark tess as doneimirkin
2014-10-06update hdmi audio to reflect that it doesn't work for pre-nva3imirkin
2014-08-17maxwell's PM is WIPmperes
2014-08-08update tessimirkin
2014-06-07mark off nvf0 programs as doneimirkin
2014-05-28mark maxwell 3d as doneimirkin
2014-03-14update maxwell status -- mostly wip, the kms + dependent bits doneimirkin
2014-03-05mark kms as done for maxwellimirkin
2014-03-05add reference to nvtv for pre-nv3x tvout.imirkin
2014-03-05make notes explanations superscriptsimirkin
2014-02-20add nvf0 (diff shader isa) and nv110 columnsimirkin
2014-02-09Remove nv01/nv03 note, this is not the place for itimirkin
2014-02-04Move tvout note where it belongsimirkin
2014-02-04"upgrade" nvc0 opencl status to stalledimirkin
2014-02-04mark geometry as doneimirkin
2013-12-10(no commit message)imirkin
2013-12-01Mark multi-cart as done and its comment. It was outdated, multicard works fin...imirkin
2013-12-01change header so that card families are repeated for each sectionimirkin
2013-12-01add lines for geometry/tesselation shadersimirkin
2013-09-18upgrade nv30 video decoding accel to doneimirkin
2013-08-24reword a stencemperes
2013-08-24(no commit message)mperes
2013-08-24simplify the sentences in the key mapmperes
2013-08-24switch back to the old centering scheme for the translate element, the new on...Ilia Mirkin
2013-08-24Add translation widget to every page (except the nouveau companions)Ilia Mirkin
2013-08-16update nv30/nv40 vdec to reflect realityimirkin
2013-08-11mark nv50 video accel as extfw instead of wipimirkin
2013-07-31make it clearer that video decoding accel is about VDPAU/XvMCimirkin
2013-07-31upgrade nv30/nv40 video accel to "done"imirkin
2013-07-24update feature matrix to point at the new VideoAcceleration pageimirkin
2013-07-23Move Xv note into the feature matrix page since it's very little information,...imirkin
2013-07-23reinstate link to xvideo status pageimirkin
2013-07-23Clarify XvMC comment. Accelerated decoding is now largely supported by newer ...imirkin
2013-07-23remove links to outdated xv/exa pagesimirkin
2013-07-22(no commit message)imirkin
2013-07-22clarify 3d for nv0x-nv20imirkin
2013-07-22upgrade nv30 3d status to doneimirkin
2013-07-21geforce4 go, which is both nv10 and nv20 has powermizer. reinstating todo sta...imirkin
2013-07-21update status of tvout for nv04-nv20imirkin
2013-07-21nv20 didn't have any vpeimirkin
2013-07-21(no commit message)imirkin
2013-07-21(no commit message)imirkin
2013-07-21vivo only available geforce2-7imirkin
2013-07-20write TVout as N/A on fermi and keplermperes
2013-07-08FeatureMatrix: Rename table class to more general purpose 'ColorTable'Joe Rayhawk