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2013-08-28update instructions to talk about mesa 9.2imirkin
2013-08-24switch back to the old centering scheme for the translate element, the new on...Ilia Mirkin
2013-08-24Add translation widget to every page (except the nouveau companions)Ilia Mirkin
2013-08-11update vp2 instructions now that xtensa fix is integratedimirkin
2013-07-19add patch reference, remove note about symlinks since the script does it nowimirkin
2013-07-18Update VP2 instructions, no more patches!imirkin
2013-07-02Updated VP2 instructionsimirkin
2013-06-27Update VP2 instructions to reference fresh patches, remove decode_frame refer...imirkin
2013-06-08(no commit message)imirkin
2013-06-08Add vdpau driver instructionsimirkin
2013-06-06(no commit message)imirkin
2013-06-03add backticks to make commands stand out.imirkin
2013-06-03Provide warning about using firmware in that it can do whatever.imirkin
2013-06-03Fix firmware pathimirkin
2013-06-03Add VP2 page with some instructions on how to test it out in nouveau.imirkin