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2013-08-10add note about nv34 pci-e not working for vpe2imirkin
2013-08-08mark vp3/4.0 h264/mpeg4 as stalledimirkin
2013-08-03mark vp3 as wipimirkin
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2013-07-31update vpe2 statusimirkin
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2013-07-28mention lack of support for h264 interlaced on vp2imirkin
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2013-07-25remove hash from download instructions. it's ugly. if we ever change blob ver...imirkin
2013-07-25split vp4 into 4.0 and 4.2 as their statuses are very differentimirkin
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2013-07-24add some notes about how to use vdpau/xvmcimirkin
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