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masterRevert "XcbUtil: fix api page url"Eric Engestrom2 months
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2017-10-04Revert "XcbUtil: fix api page url"HEADmasterEric Engestrom
2017-10-04XcbUtil: fix api page urlEric Engestrom
2017-08-31Fix some outdated links / requirements, and add that Python 3 is supported nowawilfox
2017-06-10Add NEWS entry for version 1.12, released over a year ago (whoops...)Uli Schlachter
2016-02-23updating mailing list urlAlanCoopersmith
2015-09-06Add NEWS entry for libxcb 1.11.1Uli Schlachter
2014-11-30Fix some URLs on Xml-Xcb page.Marcin Ĺšlusarz
2014-08-04Add NEWS entries for xcb-proto 1.11 and libxcb 1.11Uli Schlachter
2014-05-05(no commit message)jdanjou
2014-03-29Fix indentation of final list items in asynchronous model sectionAlanCoopersmith