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organizer (tom at stellard dot net) for help determining if your hotel is practical for
attending the conference.
+## Transportation
+There are several different public transportation systems that operate in and
+around the GTA. They all offer some kind of weekly pass, however these
+weekly passes don't really offer much value and may not be transferable
+across different systems.
+It is recommended that you purchase single ride tickets for the bus
+/ subway. If you are flying into Toronto, try to ask for $2 CAD coins
+(known as twoonies) from the currency exchange booths to make it easier
+to pay for fares. If you are not staying on the York University campus,
+you will need: 3 Days * 2 trips per day * $4.00 CAD per trip = $24 CAD
+for transportation to/from your hotel and XDC. Plus additional fares for
+trips to/from the airport and evening events.
## Links
* [[X.Org Conference/Event Anti-Harassment Policy|XorgFoundation/Policies/Harassment]]