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14 hoursXorg BoD minutes 2017-04-27Bryce Harrington
2017-04-13Xorg BoD minutes 2017-04-13Daniel Vetter
2017-03-30Xorg BoD minutes 2017-03-30Daniel Vetter
2017-03-17Xorg BoD minutes 2017-03-16Daniel Vetter
2017-03-02Xorg BoD minutes 2017-03-02Daniel Vetter
2017-02-17(no commit message)EgbertEich
2017-02-02Xorg BoD minutes 2017-02-02Daniel Vetter
2017-01-19(no commit message)mperes
2017-01-05Xorg BoD minutes 2017-01-05Daniel Vetter
2016-12-22(no commit message)mupuf
2016-12-08Xorg BoD minutes 2016-12-08Daniel Vetter
2016-11-24Xorg BoD minutes 2016-11-24Daniel Vetter
2016-11-10Xorg BoD minutes 2016-11-10Daniel Vetter
2016-10-27Xorg BoD minutes 2016-10-27Daniel Vetter
2016-09-22Xorg BoD minutes 2016-09-22Daniel Vetter
2016-09-01Xorg BoD minutes 2016-09-01Daniel Vetter
2016-08-18Xorg BoD minutes 2016-08-18Daniel Vetter
2016-08-04Xorg BoD minutes 2016-08-04Daniel Vetter
2016-07-21Xorg BoD minutes 2016-07-21Daniel Vetter
2016-07-07This week's meeting minutesPeter Hutterer
2016-06-23Xorg BoD minutes 2016-06-23Daniel Vetter
2016-06-23Xorg BoD minutes 2016-06-09Daniel Vetter
2016-06-23Xorg BoD minutes 2016-05-26Daniel Vetter
2016-05-18IrcLogs: Add a few missing entries in the list.Emil Velikov
2016-05-18IrcLogs: use canonical names for the monthsEmil Velikov
2016-05-12Update SponsorshipPageDaniel Vetter
2016-04-28new board!Daniel Vetter
2016-04-14Xorg BoD minutes 2016-04-14Daniel Vetter
2016-04-01Xorg BoD minutes 2016-03-17Daniel Vetter
2016-03-31Xorg BoD minutes 2016-03-31Daniel Vetter
2016-03-04(no commit message)EgbertEich
2016-02-18Xorg BoD minutes 2016-02-18Daniel Vetter
2016-02-06(no commit message)EgbertEich
2016-02-04Drop .mdwn in linkPeter Hutterer
2016-02-04BoD meeting logs and minutesPeter Hutterer
2016-01-21Xorg BoD minutes 2016-01-21Daniel Vetter
2016-01-08Xorg BoD minutes 2016-01-07Daniel Vetter
2015-12-10Xorg BoD minutes 2015-12-10Daniel Vetter
2015-11-26Xorg BoD minutes 2015-11-26Daniel Vetter
2015-11-16BoD: meeting minutes from two weeks agoPeter Hutterer
2015-11-13BoD: this week's meeting minutesPeter Hutterer
2015-10-15Xorg BoD minutes 2015-10-15Daniel Vetter
2015-10-01Fixup scripting mistakesDaniel Vetter
2015-10-01Xorg BoD minutes 2015-10-01Daniel Vetter
2015-09-17yesterday's board meetingPeter Hutterer
2015-09-04Last two weeks' BoD meeting minutesPeter Hutterer
2015-08-11meeting minutesPeter Hutterer
2015-07-24Meeting minutesPeter Hutterer
2015-07-09This week's meeting minutesPeter Hutterer
2015-06-25BoD: this week's meeting minutesPeter Hutterer