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4 daysUpdate Compute Shaders status on EG and NIHEADmasterAndreasBoll
4 daysUpdate OpenGL status for Cypress, Cayman and ArubaAndreasBoll
2017-10-27fix ordering in VCN tableAlexDeucher
2017-10-27Add VCN tableAlexDeucher
2017-10-27update display table for DCNAlexDeucher
2017-10-11update UVD/VCE tables with encode infoAlexDeucher
2017-08-19update vega ISA linkAlexDeucher
2017-08-17add ISA info to gfx tableAlexDeucher
2017-08-10Add vega ISA linkAlexDeucher
2017-07-07udpate OCL on ROCm stateAlexDeucher
2017-07-07fix typoAlexDeucher
2017-07-07add AI columnAlexDeucher
2017-07-07update vega10 infoAlexDeucher
2017-05-05drop the outdated module options sectionAlexDeucher
2017-04-04update gfx tableAlexDeucher
2017-04-04update gfx tableAlexDeucher
2017-03-17Update 3D tableAlexDeucher
2017-02-16add POLARIS12AlexDeucher
2017-01-31Update OpenGL status on SI+AndreasBoll
2016-10-24Cayman doesn't have VCE.AlexDeucher
2016-10-24Drop useless column for VCEAlexDeucher
2016-09-30update supported GL versionsAlexDeucher
2016-09-30compute shaders done for GCNAlexDeucher
2016-09-01Update VI ISA docAlexDeucher
2016-07-28POLARIS updatesAlexDeucher
2016-06-03update VCE infoAlexDeucher
2016-06-03update UVD infoAlexDeucher
2016-04-20Update DAC info on DCE10AlexDeucher
2016-03-09Add VCE tableAlexDeucher
2016-03-09add UVD tableAlexDeucher
2016-02-26add link to decoder sectionAlexDeucher
2016-02-26udpates for dpm and dp audioAlexDeucher
2015-12-10Update OpenGL status for Cypress, Cayman and ArubaAndreasBoll
2015-12-10Add TODO for Compute ShadersAndreasBoll
2015-12-10Swap Tessellation and Geometry ShadersAndreasBoll
2015-12-07update tess supportAlexDeucher
2015-10-22Add Stoney infoAlexDeucher
2015-09-30CZ only has 3 crtcsAlexDeucher
2015-08-16update OpenGL status on SI+AndreasBoll
2015-08-04update code links for amdgpuAlexDeucher
2015-08-03Add info about FijiAlexDeucher
2015-07-27update tess stausAlexDeucher
2015-05-11Update VCE 1 statusAlexDeucher
2015-04-26The RadeonProgram page no longer existslecbee
2015-04-21(no commit message)mareko
2015-04-21further VI updatesAlexDeucher
2015-04-21Update the feature tables for VIAlexDeucher
2015-03-16update smooth primitivesAlexDeucher
2015-03-11Add VI ISA linkAlexDeucher
2015-02-26fix pll config for KVAlexDeucher