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2017-04-05document more wayland ideasDaniel Stone
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2017-02-28SoC: remove soft-fp64 as Elie did itDaniel Stone
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2017-01-20add nha as possible mentorRob Clark
2017-01-20small fixRob Clark
2017-01-20add another apitrace ideaRob Clark
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2017-01-19update freedreno GSoC/EVoC ideasRob Clark
2017-01-16Adding GSOC proposal: DriConf replacementaxeldavy
2016-03-06add freedreno gsoc projectsimirkin
2016-03-01Add soft-float project.IanRomanick
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2016-02-23(no commit message)deathsimple
2016-02-23Add OpenMax projectAlexDeucher
2016-02-23(no commit message)mperes
2016-02-19SoC: Remove piglit projectJordan Justen
2015-12-07Fixing colormaps requires less effort than I thoughtdaenzer
2015-03-23Add a GSOC idea for porting optimization passes to NIRJason Ekstrand
2015-03-09add few freedreno project ideasRobClark
2015-03-08fix irc server addressesimirkin
2015-03-07add kepler video encoding to the list under nouveauimirkin
2015-03-03add vp6 decoding projectimirkin
2015-03-03add a few nouveau ideasimirkin
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2014-10-17Delete Waffle/WGL task, as Emil actually did that this summer :)kwg
2014-10-17Remove task; it's pretty vague, and no student has managed to put together a ...kwg
2014-03-11SummerOfCodeIdeas: Add sub-goals on WGL for Windows taskJordan Justen
2014-03-04(no commit message)daenzer
2014-03-04(no commit message)daenzer
2014-02-14waffle: add Waffle WGL project ideaJordan Justen
2014-02-14piglit: update GL versions for needed testsJordan Justen
2014-02-13SummerOfCodeIdeas: Clean up old ideas and add new onesTom Stellard
2014-02-12(no commit message)mperes
2014-02-06Delete GLSL 1.30 on Ironlake as a project. It's basically done, just quibbli...kwg
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